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Cardi B Says Celebrities Causing Confusion About Coronavirus

The rapper posted a video to her Instagram discussing the pandemic

Cardi B wants celebrities to send out a clearer message about the coronavirus
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Rapper Cardi B says celebrities who have publicly disclosed that they have tested positive for the coronavirus without having any symptoms are confusing the general public, according to NBC News.

In a more than 4-minute-long video posted Tuesday to her Instagram account, the Bronx rapper said "45," referring to President Donald Trump, has advised people not to get tested for COVID-19, the disease associated with the coronavirus, if they do not have symptoms.

"But if a celebrity is saying, 'Hey, listen. I don't have no symptoms. I'm feeling good. I'm feeling healthy. I don't feel like nothing, but I went and got tested and I'm positive for the coronavirus,' that cause confusion," she said in the expletive-laden video, during which she wears a mask. The video has been viewed more than 15 million times.

She said it can take days for everyday people to receive their test results — if they are tested at all — which has not been the case for a number of celebrities, politicians and professional athletes.

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