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New Buzz Lightyear Stamps “Go Beyond” Your Usual Forever Stamp

New "Go Beyond" Buzz Lightyear stamps will be issued in Hollywood Wednesday.

Walt Disney

New first-class Buzz Lightyear stamps will now take your mail "to infinity and beyond."

The United States Postal Service has partnered with Disney to create "Go Beyond" Buzz Lightyear stamps. A dedicated ceremony for the stamps was held in Hollywood Wednesday at the El Capitan Theatre.

“Buzz Lightyear captured our hearts and imaginations in the first ‘Toy Story’ movie,” said Isaac Cronkhite, the Postal Service’s chief logistics and processing operations officer and executive vice president and dedicating official. “He taught us about heroism, loyalty and perseverance. And now he is the star of his own feature film —‘Lightyear.’

"Go Beyond'' is a pane of 20 stamps arranged in four horizontal rows of five stamps featuring the Space Ranger marooned on a planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth as depicted in "Lightyear,'' the Pixar Animation Studios film which was released in theaters in June and begins streaming on Disney+ Wednesday.

Each row features the same designs of the four stamps in differing orders.

On the first row they are a right-facing, close-up profile of Buzz in his transparent bubble helmet; a full-body profile detailing his gleaming white and green spacesuit, with the bubble slightly extending beyond the frame's top
edge; Buzz sprinting with helmet retracted, in a three-quarter rightward view, the action accentuated by a foot and elbow breaking through the design border; and a head-and-torso image of the famed space hero resolutely facing adventures ahead.

On each row, the first design repeats as the last stamp.

Buzz Lightyear was first introduced to the world in 1995 when he made his debut in the Disney and Pixar film, "Toy Story" where viewers quickly grew to love his charisma.

"Toy Story," which was the first full-length computer animated film, became a classic for audiences everywhere.

The film, including its three follow-up movies went on to win Academy, Golden Globe, and Grammy awards.

In June, Disney released an origin story for the well-loved character titled, "Lightyear." The movie, which takes place two years before "Toy Story" features Chris Evans voicing Buzz Light year.

A Buzz Lightyear stamp was among the 2011 "Send a Hello'' set featuring various Pixar characters.

The set will be available Wednesday at post offices throughout the nation and online.

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