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Springsteen to Detroit: "Hello, Ohio!"

Boss suffers "Spinal Tap" moment on stage



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    Bruce Springsteen got lost on the way to Detroit.

    Rock legend Bruce Springsteen pulled a “Spinal Tap” in front of a packed crowd in Michigan on Friday, repeatedly forgetting what state he was in when making opening shout-outs.

    "Hello, Ohio!” he yelled to the masses at the Palace of Auburn Hills, the Detroit Free Press reports.

    The Boss then repeated the gaffe a few more times until, finally, guitarist Steven Van Zandt appeared to whisper a correction in his ear.

    “I’m all right,” the “visibly self-conscious” rocker said afterward. “That is every front man’s nightmare.”

    No worries. The Detroit crowd forgave him and Springsteen later  treated fans to a full run-though of the “Born to Run” album, the Free Press reports.

    Springsteen’s certainly not the first star to mix up his tour itinerary on stage, a rock cliché lampooned in the faux documentary “This is Spinal Tap!” when a band member yells out “Hello, Cleveland!” heading into a Chicago show.

    Earlier this year, a crowd in Manchester, U.K. booed Britney Spears after she opened a set by shouting out “What up, London?”

    Rapper Kanye West also once lamented his own “Spinal Tap” moment after mistaking Sacramento for Seattle.

    "I can't believe I bust a spinal tap! It's no excuse for this I wish I could sink in a black whole [sic]," West wrote on his blog at the time.