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Guilty Plea in Alleged Debt Elimination Scheme

Sunita Buddhu pleaded guilty in federal court Oct. 10.



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    Sunita Buddhu of Wethersfield has acknowledged her role in an alleged debt elimination scheme. 

    Buddhu pleaded guilty last Wednesday in federal court to passing fictitious obligations to homeowners

    According to court paperwork, Buddhu, 42, will be required to order full and timely restitution to the victims upon her sentencing.

    Buddhu and her father, Deowraj Buddhu, were initially charged on a 13 count indictment.  Federal prosecutors said the Buddhus preyed on struggling homeowners and defrauded them of thousands of dollars through a fictitious get-out-of-debt scheme.

    The federal complaint accuses the pair of targeting mostly non-English speaking customers by promising them access to a supposed secret stash of federal money.  Some customers wound up in foreclosure as a result.  Papers filed in civil court revealed there could be as many as 200 alleged victims.
    The attorney representing many of the alleged victims said two of his clients were scheduled to be evicted this week.  However, the federal judge granted a halt to the eviction after the couple explained their situation.
    "While they are pleased to learn of Ms. Buddhu's guilty plea, my clients are still dealing with the consequences of her actions since many of them are, unfortunately, facing eviction from their homes," attorney Manny Suarez said.
    Sunita Buddhu notarized many of her father's documents and invoices. Federal agents seized four computers and 25 boxes of potential evidence at the Buddhu home in Wethersfield on June 11.
    Deowraj Buddhu remains in federal custody.  He previously pleaded not guilty and faces prison time and a fine if convicted.