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Questions Arise About Expenses for Hartford's New Stadium

New Questions About Hartford Stadium

(Published Wednesday, May 20, 2015)

New questions are arising about the cost of Hartford's new $56 million ballpark. Chief among them: where is the money going?

The NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters got new insight from city auditors during their May 2015 monthly meeting.

An expert who worked on several major league baseball parks is reviewing every expense incurred by the developer of Hartford's minor league stadium.

Invoices so far indicate crews are billing for everything from portable toilets to coffee, creamer and sweetener, and even pens, staplers and envelopes.

It's all permitted in the development agreement. Auditors did express concern over leasing three Ford F-150's instead of buying them, and giving them to the city when the stadium is done next year.

Auditors say the project's developer has an incentive to come under budget. It gets to keep roughly half of whatever funding is not used.

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