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Three Sex Assaults Reported Within Two Weeks at Trinity College

Three Sex Assaults Reported at Trinity

(Published Tuesday, March 8, 2016)

Three sex assaults were reported in a two-week time frame on a busy college campus in Hartford.

The Trinity College campus safety office maintains a daily crime log at its headquarters on Vernon Street. Late Tuesday morning, the Troubleshooters poured through Trinity's crime and fire logs daring back to Dec. 1, 2015.

According to those documents, three seperate sex assaults were reported at Trinity throughout the month of February.

The first sex assault labled "forcible rape" reportedly took place on Feb. 13 at an on-campus residence hall. However, this assault wasn't reported until three days later.

The second sex assault classified as "fondling" happened on Valentine's Day on Vernon Street.

The third assault, also deemed "fondling" happened in the early morning hours of Feb. 28 on campus.

It's unclear whether any of these three sex assualts are connected but the log books state each were handled with a "disciplinary referral."

Souces said the school did not notify the campus community of these assaults.

The Troubleshooters checked with the Hartford Police Department and their records division told NBC Connecticut they are not investigating any Trinity related incidents in recent weeks.

Trinity officials tell the Troubleshooters regarding reports of sexual misconduct that the college is guided by an interim policy.

The policy states, in part, that anyone can make a report and the school will respond promptly and equitably to all allegations of sexual misconduct, in addition to providing resource options for victims of alleged sexual assault. 

Kathy Andrews is the Interim Director of Communications at Trinity. Here is a statement she emailed Troubleshooter Jill Konopka:

We care about the safety of all members of our campus community and we care about their rights to privacy. In cases where the circumstances of an alleged incident of sexual misconduct suggest that the safety of the Trinity community is at risk, we work swiftly to notify the community. There are multiple factors involved in assessing whether or not a report of an incident calls for a timely warning or notification to the campus community. In the cases you asked about, as with any such reported incidents, we followed the federal Clery Act requirements to determine whether to notify the campus of a reported incident.”