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More Concrete Relief for Homeowners With Crumbling Foundations

Fund Yields More Money Than Anticipated

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Some good news for people dealing with crumbling concrete basements in north central and eastern Connecticut.

The Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. (CFSIC), the program giving grants to homeowners with crumbling concrete basements, said in late June it received $10.6 million from the Healthy Homes Fund.

CFSIC said that’s $2.1 million more than it was expecting to receive.

The Healthy Homes Fund was set up several years ago by the state to generate money to help hundreds of people in Connecticut struggling with crumbling basements.

Funding for the Health Homes Fund comes from a $12 surcharge on all Connecticut homeowners insurance policies.

NBC Connecticut Investigates broke the story about crumbling concrete basements in Connecticut in July 2015, almost five years ago.

The problem stemmed from a now-defunct company that sold materials for the concrete that had a natural occurring mineral in it that experts say causes the concrete to expand and crack when exposed to air and water.

Hundreds of homes in Connecticut have been proven to have the problem.  Most insurers have not covered the repairs, which can cost well above $100,000, and sometimes more than $200,000.  

The problem has also been found in homes in neighboring western and central Massachusetts.  

The same company that sold the materials believed to have caused the issues in Connecticut also sold it in Massachusetts.

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