A Place to Sell Your Wedding Leftovers

Your big day has come and gone. Now your house is filled with those wedding leftovers.

We’re talking about the gifts you didn’t want and can’t return and the dress that you really don’t want to keep. And how can we forget about all those extra bridesmaid dresses? 
There’s now a Web site dedicated to getting rid of your wedding leftovers.
Benito Vazquez of Greenwich has teamed up with Bryan King of West Haven to create MyWeddingIsOver.com. The goal, according to Greenwich Time, is to give newlyweds a place to sell the things they don’t want after saying “I do.”
"All the planning goes up to the wedding and then it ceases," Vazquez told the Time.  Vazquez met King a year ago at the University of Connecticut's Stamford branch while looking for a job. "It's good to give people the follow-through so that they can recoup some of the expenses."
During these economic times, who doesn’t want to get a few bucks back after spending thousands on that special day?
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