He Thought She Was a 15-Year-Old Teen

Police in Montville posed on the internet as a 15-year-old teenage girl, and, as a result, a New Jersey man faces charges of criminal attempt to entice a minor into sex.

"I guess he didn't get what he was looking for," said Basil Salaam of Norwich, up the street from the courthouse where Mervin Laparre III of Cliffwood, New Jersey appeared this afternoon.

Laparre, 26, was arrested in Montville yesterday at the spot of the rendezvous police say he set up with the police officer, thinking she was a teenager.

Judge Robert Young kept the police report secret.  He set Laparre's bond at $250,000 because he has no prior criminal convictions and family in Connecticut.

According to the bail commissioner, the 26-year-old Laparre works with his father in Connecticut Monday through Thursday then spends weekends with his wife in New Jersey.

If he posts bail and leaves jail, Laparre is ordered not to use a computer or a cell phone for texting or sending pictures.

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