‘We Are Not a Puppy Mill'

Operator's daughter condemns allegations

Boyar Kennels in Bethany was silent Thursday, the day after animal control officers removed more than 150 dogs, birds and other exotic animals.

Authorities said some puppies sold recently had become sick.  But Alexis Boyarsky, 15 and the daughter of kennel operator Jeffrey Boyarsky, said the allegations are ridiculous.

"When you see an animal you just love it. That's just how our family is," she said.  "We love animals. We would do anything for an animal."

She can't locate her own two-year-old dog, Chelsea, taken in the seizure.

"My dog, and the dogs that we love and treat like family get like better treatment than some humans. My dog sleeps on my bed with me," she said.

Alexis said when she arrived home Wednesday to find police in her driveway, she was shocked. 

"I'm surprised I didn't pass out.  Just when you go home every day and you expect to see your dog there waiting for you, just so happy to see you and you don't see her, you can't say bye, you can't say anything you don't where she is, you don't know what they're doing to her," she said.

The state Department of Agriculture has said the investigation is continuing and no charges have been filed. 

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