Crocs? Good Riddance!

Squishy rainbow clog company heads closer to bankruptcy. Fashion lovers everywhere rejoice!

Getty Images

So word on the retail beat is that Crocs might be the next in line to file for Title 11...  and seeing as these colorful marshmallow clogs have been seen on everyone from Mario Batali to every member of the infant in your life's play group - it's hard to believe that they aren't surviving the market.

According to credible sources, it sounds as though they made the rookie mistake of expanding a little too fast, so fast in fact, that it exceeded their demand.

As our sources imply, once you have one pair of these little monsters... do really need another?  Also, with their Sherpa boots and somewhat trendy Mary-Jane pumps, did any fashion-forward shopper see any future for this company in the long run?

Sure they have some practicality to them, mainly in the medical field, but do you see half as many people cruising into Sunday brunch wearing their floral print scrubs?

While, to be fair, the company has until September to pay off some heavy debt and back-to-school season has just begun, but fashionistas who have chosen 5 inches and potential serious foot arch debilitation over quasi-cutesy comfort can keep their fingers crossed and join in the chorus of that infamous Steam song, "Na na na na..."

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