I Stabbed Her With the Knife: Court Records

Orlando Figueroa is being held on accusations he stabbed and choked his baby girl

Orlando Figueroa is not allowed anywhere near the 8-month-old daughter he is accused of stabbing and choking, his girlfriend or their other daughter.

The hearing for the 35-year-old father Monday at Waterbury Superior Court became heated as his girlfriend yelled at him in Spanish, telling him she wanted him to die.

Police said Figueroa thought his girlfriend was having an affair and assaulted little Keilyn Figueroa in retaliation early Friday morning at their home on French Street.

Figueroa choked his daughter with the cord from a Nintendo controller and stabbed her twice in the back and neck, the baby's aunt, Maria Gonzalez, said. Then, he went upstairs to tell a neighbor and then took off to another apartment nearby on Willow Street, police said. 

"I took the baby out of the crib and I put her on the bed and I stabbed her with the knife,” Orlando Figueroa said, according to the arrest warrant affidavit. “I then tied something around her neck and she started choking. I did this because I wanted Yailin to feel the pain I did when she cheated on me."

When police found Figueroa, he had the couple's other daughter, Kiara, who 21-months-old, at knife point, police said. She's now in DCF custody. So is Keilyn.

This is not the first time DCF has investigated the family. Figueroa has a prior record and is currently on probation for assault. He had been convicted for interfering, threatening and violating a protective order.

The department opened a case involving the family one week earlier when the older child drank gasoline from a water bottle while in the family's car and suffered serious injuries, sources said. DCF spokesman Gary Kleeblatt declined to comment, citing confidentiality laws. Sources also said DCF has investigated Orlando Figueroa in the past for other incidents.

Keilyn was initially taken to St. Mary’s Hospital but was airlifted by Lifestar to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, where she is listed in serious condition.

Kiara was not hurt in Friday's incident, police said.

Police charged Figueroa with criminal attempt at murder and two counts of risk of injury to a minor.

The judge put in place Monday a full protective order for the mom and the two children.

Figueroa is being held on a $1 million bond and will be back in court on Aug. 19. Family members did not comment on the case Monday after the court appearance. 

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