Equipment Failure Causes Problems at Webster Bank

Some services are offline at Webster Bank branches across the eastern seaboard after a primary piece of equipment failed at the bank's data center, a spokesperson said.

Bank representatives said crews have been working all day to resolve the issue, which arose Wednesday morning and affected systems at 165 banking centers from Boston to White Plains.

"Site Unavailable" is the message that appears at the top of the Webster Bank homepage.

"Our web, mobile, and telephone banking systems are unavailable due to network problems in our data center," the message reads. "We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to restore access as soon as possible.

A bank customers who tried to cash a check at the branch on LaSalle Road in West Hartford this morning said he had no luck because the bank's computers were down.

Some systems, such as bank ATMs, were not affected by the problem. Others have begun to come back online, but it's not clear when the issues will be resolved.

A spokesperson for the bank emphasized that the problem results from an equipment failure and not any sort of breach.

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