Ganim Seeks New Trail… Again

Former Bridgeport mayor files appeal in federal court

Former Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim is seeking a new trial, accusing prosecutors of misconduct during the 2003 proceeding that led to his corruption conviction.

Ganim says in the appeal in federal court in Bridgeport that two key government witnesses were allowed to testify falsely that they had forfeited their ill-gotten gains. The witnesses, Paul Pinto and Leonard Grimaldi, were Ganim associates who testified against him.

Prosecutors say they will respond in court.

Grimaldi called the claims "baloney," saying he testified truthfully that he had to forfeit the proceeds from selling his house. A judge ultimately decided how to apply the money, he said.

Ganim's attorneys say Pinto and Grimaldi were supposed to forfeit $575,000, but had secret side deals in place to avoid the forfeiture.

Ganim alleges the money that was supposed to be forfeited was used instead to pay fines, restitution and tax liabilities, even though forfeiture was supposed to be a separate penalty.

The U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Ganim's conviction last year, rejecting claims that his nine-year prison sentence was unreasonable and that prosecutors engaged in misconduct by making improper statements during the closing argument. 

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