Peeking in the Windows

So you’ve found a house that you like. Maybe you stalk this house a little. Or a lot. You have your agent take you through multiple times. You drive by even more times. Slowly. You walk by the house and talk to the neighbors.


And maybe this house seems vacant. There’s not a lot of furniture. There are no clothes in the closets. No dishes in the cupboards. So you think it’s okay to walk around the yard and peek in various windows. What’s it going to hurt? You really like this house and just can’t get enough. But then you realize that when you look in a window, someone is inside the house looking back out at you. Or they open the front door and ask you what you’re doing. Or the police show up and ask you what you’re doing…

Sometimes houses seem like they’re vacant, but they’re really not. Skulking around on people’s property peeking in windows is typically going to lead to no good. There may be someone living there that will confront you. Or the neighbors might get suspicious and call the police.

I know the urge to stalk a house is sometimes overwhelming. But if you want to walk around the property, have your agent take you, even if it’s multiple times. It will save you potential embarrassment and maybe even awkward run-ins with the cops. Not that this has ever happened to any of my clients…

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