Hartford Man Behind Beats for Eminem's Latest Single

Hartford native Sean McHugh, better known as Doc Ish, created the beat for Eminem’s “We Made You” and Eminem made Doc a name in the industry.

This is the biggest ever, hands-down the biggest thing I've ever done," Doc told the Hartford Courant, weeks after Eminem released his sixth studio album “Relapse”.

"To have him perform something that you created is incredible. Then to see the crowd singing the hook, it was just amazing,” Doc told the paper.

According to the Courant, Doc’s Broad Street recording studio, The Kontrol Room, is where Hartford resident Charmagne Tripp sang her hook, the catchy chorus in Eminem's song.
Since then, Doc has gained increasing popularity.

"The pressure is on," he said. "I feel it. And everything is in the HOV lane right now. Everything is moving real fast. It was an honor to work with Eminem," Doc told the Courant.

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