How Does -7 Degrees Sound?

When the thermometer reads a very cold 13 degrees, the last place you'd expect to see people is coming out of Ben & Jerry's with their hands full of ice cream.  But that's where Meg Sequino and her family were Thursday night.
"Well we just got off the ice at the KO hockey team, so we're a little warm, so it's not that bad," said Sequino.
Some parts of the state saw temperatures as low as four degrees.
Friday's temperatures are expected to go even lower.  With that kind of freezing cold weather, doctors say it's important to bundle up.
"Especially with the wind chill, get the nose covered, get a good hat that covers the ears, get the gloves, warm socks and shoes," said Dr. Thomas Brunell, who works at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center.
Tom and Julia Swanson will take that advice.  Little Julia plans to bundle up when she waits at the bus stop in the morning.
"I'm going to be wearing a sweatshirt and a warm jacket and a hat and mittens and boots," she said.
"We like the cold, but you really have to bundle up for it because it can be really cold out there," added her dad, Tom.
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