IRS Investigator Arrested on Attempted Sex Assault Charges

The suspect once testified in a high profile trial involving the failed Hartford soccer stadium project

A special agent with the IRS criminal investigations unit is in hot water himself.

It stems from a police sting earlier this month.

Two weeks ago the Guilford Police Department and Veterans 4 Child Rescue Foundation ran a joint sting.

They were targeting potential sex offenders who had arranged sexual liaisons with children they had made contact with via social media.

Among five men arrested was 44-year-old Kevin Millen of Ellington, an investigator with the IRS.

He faces charges of criminal attempt to commit sexual assault in the second degree, and criminal attempt to commit risk of injury to a minor.

The Troubleshooters learned this after a letter mentioning the arrest of an IRS Special Agent was obtained by the Hartford blog We the People Hartford, and shared the letter with us.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in New Haven verified the letter’s authenticity to the Troubleshooters.

In the letter, the legal team representing James Duckett was advised of Millen's arrest. Millen had investigated Duckett and testified against him at a trial.

Duckett, a developer, was convicted late last year of defrauding taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a failed effort to build a professional soccer stadium in Hartford.

Duckett tells the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters he has appealed the conviction.

Millen's attorney tells us neither he nor his client have any comment. Millen pleaded not guilty in court today.

The Troubleshooters also reached out to the IRS. Officials said they had no comment at this point.

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