More Witnesses to Take Stand in Hayes’ Trial


Jurors in Steven Hayes’ trial were expected to hear closing arguments on Monday as the penalty phase of the trial goes on. Instead, more witnesses will take the stand.

On Friday, there were a couple surprises in the case. One juror was dismissed and the jury heard more emotional letters from the Hayes’ brother.

So, there will be another day of testimony on Monday.

Juror Joann Bruno was dismissed from the case on Friday after a court clerk overheard her using an expletive when talking to another juror about a defense witness.

Jurors are not allowed to discuss the case, so Judge Jon Blue dismissed Bruno.

Bruno was the sixth juror to be dismissed in the case and only one alternate juror remains.

Blue asked her not to talk to reporters.

Later in the day on Friday, jurors heard a letter from Hayes’ younger brother, Matthew Hayes.

“If I'm sorry for anything, I’m sorry your mother and father didn't beat you to a pulp when they should have,” Matthew Hayes wrote.

He also told his brother to own up to his actions and stop trying to kill himself. Hayes made several suicide attempts while in prison, according to court testimony.

The letter drew some emotion from Hayes, who sat quietly with his head down.

Blue said he cannot begin to speculate when closing statements will begin.
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