Gov. Says Limit Water Use

NBC Connecticut

On Wednesday, Gov. M, Jodi Rell issued a drought advisory, asking everyone across the state to monitor their water use.

The evidence of the impact high temperatures have had can be seen at the Porter-Howard Reservoir, in Manchester, where the water level is lower than it’s supposed to be. In the past few weeks, it’s dropped to about 80 percent of capacity. 

Last week, the Manchester Water Department issued a conservation alert and asked residents to monitor their water use. Because of a lack of rain and high temperatures increasing evaporation rates, the state is doing the same. 

Rell issued a drought advisory on Wednesday afternoon.

“We are not in an emergency situation, but it is important for people to take sensible steps to stretch our water supply,” Rell said. “The two-week precipitation outlook is not favorable and conditions are likely to deteriorate across much of the state.

That means doing simple things that will conserve water and prolong the water supply. 

Rob Stevenson, of Manchester, has been practicing water conservation for years and offers some tips.

"Typically, let the lawn raise a little bit higher before I cut it, use a rain barrel now, and try not to water the lawn as much," he said. 

The rain barrel collects rain from the gutters, pours it into a huge container and Stevenson uses that water to take care of his plants.

Some other ways to conserve water:

  • Take a short shower instead of a bath
  • Don’t let the water run while you’re brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Run your dishwasher or washer only when its full
  • Sweep off your driveways and sidewalks rather than hosing them off

"I stopped watering my lawn, and anytime I’m taking a shower, I need to make sure I’m not running the water that much," Osaro Agbontaen, of Manchester, said.

Towns and cities are hoping residents will voluntarily conserve water now, before it becomes mandatory.  After all, summer isn't over yet.

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