The Benefits of Tree-Hugging

We've found the Olive Tree Adoption Agency... no, really.

OH, OLIVE OIL... We've heard of adopting a star, but that honestly gives us little to no benefit in life (just being honest). But now, Nudo, and their Adopt an Olive Tree program... that's something we can sink our teeth into, literally. Adopt a tree in their Italian groves (for about $100) and relish in the fruits it bears (ie. olive oil goodness) for the entire year.

HEATING UP... Although it's been unseasonably warm thus far, we already hear quite enough complaining from our persistently frigid friends. We'll be buying them the Sanyo Kairo Hand Warmers (from $34.99-$44.99) this holiday season. This rechargeable pocket-size pod can heat up to 109 degrees and can be used between 1 to 4 hours, depending on the setting.

BLING ON A BUDGET... We might not be able to break the bank for our own diamond tennis bracelet this year, but we'll be able to treat ourselves to a little dramatic sparkle from Alex Bittar and his Stardust Bangles. Available in multiple thicknesses and colors, this lucite brushed metal hinged bangle looks great stacked or on its own. Treat yourself at Kimberly Boutique in West Hartford, starting at $172.

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