Going All In on “The Full Monty”

Times are tough, and that’s led six unemployed steel workers to become male strippers to earn some extra cash. It’s plausible that it could be real life. But of course, it’s just the popular musical "The Full Monty," playing at one of the state’s best-kept theatrical secrets, the CT Cabaret Theater in Berlin.

“Even though the play took place in the '90s, it relates to the economy and the way things are today and we’ve modernized the music to fit this day and time,” Kris McMurray, the theater’s owner, said. He also directs the musical that has a full ensemble of seasoned actors, including Broadway veteran Carolyn Kirsch who was in the original Chorus Line and Chicago.

There’s a plus at the cabaret:  You can bring your own dinner and booze to the show. 

“You can watch and have your own private party all at the same time,” choreographer, PR director and actor Matthew Collin Marrero said.

And yes the men of the "Full Monty" really are going the full monty. 

“It’s a little edgy,” McMurray said. “However, I still consider it an art and it’s not all based on that last scene, but also what builds up to it, like relationships and people working through their fears. By the time the clothes come off, the audience has already grown to love the characters.” 

Preview: The Full Monty at CT Cabaret Theatre

Justin Bodreau, who plays the lead, Jerry, points out, “all the guys have been dealing with getting naked for a live audience in their own personal ways, but you have to separate the real person from the character even though you freak out a little bit.”
Ladies and gentlemen get the dollar bills ready for the tip jar, and don’t forget your shades because the view may blind you!

You can catch The Full Monty running every Friday and Saturday night through May 30.  


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