The Black Dog

First joy, then tragedy, then death

The Black Dog of  Meriden

Here's a dog you wouldn't want to meet more than once. Locals share a story of a mysterious black dog in the West Peak of Meriden.  They say the first time you encounter the dog, great joy and luck will come to your life.  After that, it's nothing but sorrow.

Legend has it that the second time you cross paths with the dog, you will get sick or have some kind of misfortune enter your life.  After that, he's said to bring nothing but death - either to a loved one or yourself.

The alleged devil dog is said to look like a lab but have a silent bark. If you hear it, or rather if you don't, we'd advise you to go play the lotto -- and never go back.

Legendary Connecticut has covered the tale, as have Haunted Connecticut and the Web site Scary for Kids.

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