Town Sells Office It Did Not Own

Deal was bad for Rhode Island, good for CT man

A Rhode Island city was apparently pretty eager to unload some extra government equipment when it sold items off at eBay rather than wait for the annual auction, and a Connecticut man got quite a deal.

The problem is that North Providence did not actually own the portable office it auctioned off, the Providence Journal reports.  

The portable office had been parked on Department of Public Works land  and North Providence had been leasing the unit for about $234 per month – about $15,700 over 5 and a half years. They sold it to the unnamed man for $1,800.    

A brand new unit is $11,000, Mayor Charles A. Lombardi said. Oops! Now the town’s trying to negotiate a price on a new one.

It seems the Connecticut man got a pretty good deal.

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