UConn Fans Recover From Celebration

Some UConn students went through the Final Four and all that goes with it in 2011 when they were freshmen and UConn won the national championship.

"This is a great flashback to freshman year," said Alex Webster, a senior. "Celebrations weren't quite equivalent."

They were enough for the student newspaper, the Daily Campus, to headline a "riot." Police did arrest one person who allegedly started a fire on Sunday night during the festivities after the UConn men beat Michigan State, but most students enjoyed themselves peaceably.

"I met DeAndre Daniels, so that was kind of cool," said Brianna Sheetz, a sophomore. "I went to a party and he was there, and I got a picture with him!"

"This is my celebration ice cream," said Dalton Zbierski, a sophomore. "We're in the final four for the second time in four years, I'm pretty happy about it. Huge UConn fan my whole life. Final Four -- we're going all the way!"

Going all the way to North Texas is something a lot of students want to do. Colby Schaefer, a junior, hopes he can pull off the trip.

"It's a good amount of money," he said. "I've just gotta get my parents to give me the go-ahead a little bit, but I definitely want to make it down there."

Liam King also wants to go. 

"I would do so much to try and be there for a Final Four UConn game. Being a freshman, I don't want to miss out on this. It's a great opportunity, so we'll see how it goes," King said.

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