Flip Don't Flop

Spiffy sandals can rescue your summer wardrobe from boredom this July

Since all of our summer outfits could use a little pick-me-up by mid-July, there is nothing better than splurging on a pair of new sandals to switch up the pace, especially when:

THEY'RE CUSTOM-MADE: The island of Capri is not only absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous, it also is home to a variety of luxury artisans who can satisfy every tourist's whim for something unique. While the jet-setter lifestyle isn't for everyone, a MetroNorth train ride away is another little luxe getaway all its own, Henri Bendel, where you can find Tuccia di Capri sandals. These bejeweled beauties are made right before you eyes by in-house cobblers, or you can custom order them via phone and e-mail.

THEY'RE A CULT CLASSIC: Jack Rogers Navajo sandals have been a Palm Beach favorite, best paired with Lily Pulitzer and a bottle of gin, for years. While there is some disagreement with several other sandal brands with stitched leather medallions on who was the first to create the Navajo style (Stephen Bonanno's similar sandals were originally designed for Jacky Kennedy), Jack Rogers has remained on top for comfort and construction.

THEY'RE LOCALLY MADE: Essex gal, Eliza B., brought us those preppy grosgrain ribbon flip-flops that just won our hearts over.  Now she has customizable flats and rosette-adorned flops that take the cake, but we must remain loyal to the old school monogrammed flip-flop that reminds us of 1) the L.L. Bean backpacks of our childhood and 2) why we fell in love with her in the first place.

Visit the Eliza B. factory store in Essex, Connecticut; open on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or place your order online.

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