Kids Go Through Security at East Haven High

Metal detectors in place after two students were arrested

Metal detectors were in place at East Haven High School Wednesday,  following the arrest of two students on weapons charges.

Police say the pair were found off campus Monday with a gun stolen from a relative of one of the students. Authorities closed the school Tuesday while they searched for five other guns stolen from that relative.

Authorities say there is no evidence the students planned to use the guns at the school, but the metal detectors, borrowed from the East Haven police department, were placed at each entrance as a precaution.

East Haven Mayor April Capone Almon said they aren't taking any chances.

"The town has a zero tolerance policy for violence and anyone and everyone responsible for the dissemination of weapons will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law," she said.

The biggest concern for the mayor's office and police is that the guns may have fallen into the wrong hands and possibly sold on the street.  The search at the school turned up nothing.

The mayor has launched a tip line, (203) 468-3371, hoping to get information on who else may be involved.

"There's a little over a thousand students in this school," she said.  "Somebody knows something."

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