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Tools and treats for the Thanksgiving Crowd

PIE HEAVEN... Sure we wouldn't turn our noses up at a ho-hum pumpkin pie in a tin pan, but if this baby hit our dining table, we'd be pulling out our cameras and Tweeting the new designer dessert revolution. We might even be motivated to make the holiday sweets ourselves if we had the Emile Artisan Ruffled Pie Dish this season. Which might just be a hint hint at our loved ones, find in three very chic colors for $44 at Williams-Sonoma in Farmington.

LITTLE WHITE (MEAT) LIE... Did you promise to cook delectable delights this season for your in-laws, only to remember you have the culinary instincts of Tom Turkey himself? Well, Dream Dinners is ready to swoop in. We've tried their weekday prepared suppers and have been impressed and were excited to hear they'll be doing a holiday spread this season. The Holiday Roast Turkey will be enough to impress a crowd and comes de-boned, so all you have to do this week is wipe a little imaginary sweat off your brow and bask in the compliments.

IT'S MAGIC... We're big on using the aid of technology to help us cook... well, pretty much anything. That's why we fell in love with the Demy Touchscreen Digital Recipe Reader that we found at Cooks Nook in Norwalk. A pricey culinary companion ($299.95!) but a splash-proof, ingredient resilient lifesaver when we think about how many times we came close to dredging our laptop with flour. You can load-up your Demy with up to 2,500 recipes of your own or ones you found online or browse the 250 already packaged in.

OOO THAT SMELL... Trick your guest into thinking your purchased pies are really the result of hours in the oven with Maison Belle's Apple/Thyme Dish Soap. (Because even you know that that Cinnamon Spice candle isn't fooling anyone!) Plus it's naturally scented and nontoxic, and promises to cut grease and grime like the best of them. Find at the Weekend Kitchen in Essex for $13.

STEPFORD WIVES... We always swore we'd never be caught dead in an apron, during the holiday season, or any other season for that matter. But that was before we spotted the adorable and stylish collection of aprons from Anthropologie. Ruffles, vintage prints, cross body necklines, oh my! We can't get enough. Starting at $28 and impeccably chic, we probably won't even bother to take it off when we sit down for dinner!

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