White Out for Labor Day

Don't wipe out.

While the big Labor Day debate is "to wear white or not to wear white?" It might be our preppy backgrounds speaking, but we are looking forward to incorporate our winter whites into upcoming seasons. But if you're not feeling strongly about this fashionable do or don't, we have some meek and mild solutions for you:

Rugby Ralph Lauren, with outposts in New Canaan and Greenwich, has been marking down their summer sale since August and will be offering a final sale this week with an additional 20 percent off select pieces. This includes your traditional slim fit white oxfords, with a silk prep school patterned under-collar, which also come in a variety of pastel and pinstriped colors to tickle your fancy. If you can't make it to Fairfield County, check out the sale online, where boatneck cableknits and select summer frocks also come with the additional discount.

No matter what anyone says, white teeth will never go out of style. And while we're not exactly toothpaste connesuiers, we currently do like the Natural Dentist's new collection of whitening and gum-moisturiizing (yes, GUM moisturizing) mouthwashes and pastes. Made exactly like it sounds, the Natural Dentist contains no alcohol or artificial ingredients, is sweetened with all-natural Xylitol, and comes to you without a box, eliminating paper waste! 

Cole Haan's end of summer sale can't be beat - offering up their soft fleshy totes and Nike-soled loafers at a deep discount. And lucky for us, with summer gone, the white bags are usually the first to be marked down. Don't shun the sale, thinking you might not still like it when the season strikes again; remember, a chic white Cole Haan bag looks as much at home on the ski slope as it does paired with tennis whites. Visit Cole Haan in their Westfarms location.

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