Witnesses: Cops in Fatal Crash Were Racing

Were two police officers racing the night one of them hit a car, killing two teenagers? That's the question the head of the Connecticut's NAACP wants answered.

Scot X. Esdaile says witnesses have told him they saw the police cruisers racing just before the crash Saturday night in Orange.

“From what I was told, the word is out on the street that the officers were racing. People were out there watching it," Esdaile told the New Haven Register.

The officers were returning from a mutual aid call at a disturbance at the Utopia 77 cafe in West Haven when the crash happened.

Ashlie Krakowski, 19, and David Servin, 19, were both killed in the crash. Esdaile tells the paper he knew Servin. 

“These kids didn’t have to die,” he told the Register.

“If the car hit so hard, there had to be some very excessive speed,” Esdaile said.

Police said they are investigating the crash. 

“It is important for all parties concerned that we determine exactly what happened here,” Milford Police Chief  Keith Mello told the paper. “Anyone that has information regarding the accident, or anyone who witnessed the accident, should provide that information to the state police Accident Reconstruction Unit.”

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