Woman Accused in Sex Party Scandal

Windsor Locks police have arrested a fourth person in connection with sex parties at Beverly Hills Suites in Windsor Locks.

Lisette Maulucci, 36, was charged in with obscenity and public indecency. She and three others helped organize "Swingers Groups," where men and women came to either engage in or watch sexual activity, police said.

Investigators said they witnessed several people having sex in the hotel's bar and nightclub. Maulucci's husband, Nicholas Maulucci, was arrested after police set up a sting operation at the Beverly Hills Suites.

Nicholas Maulucci appeared in Manchester Superior Court Wednesday.

Investigators said x-rated photos were taken inside the hotel bar "Club 91."  As many as 70 people allegedly paid the club $40 each to engage in or watch group sex acts, according to police.  Maulucci is out of jail on a $25,000 bond.
Police also arrested Brian True and Sharok Jacobi, who face criminal liability to commit those two charges. Liquor law violations at the club included smoking inside a public building, nudity, sex acts, not serving food and improper use of a service bar.
However, the two attorneys representing True and Jacobi said they maintain their clients' innocence.

The owner of the Beverly Hills Suites Hotel in Winsdor Locks will plead not guilty at his arraignment Thursday, sources told NBC Connecticut. Sharok Jacobi, of New York, denies allegations that “swinger” parties took place at the hotel's bar.   

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