A Lesson in Cold, Hard Cash

Some would argue that there's no better way to learn than hands-on lessons.

That's the idea behind an investment class at the University of Hartford.  The course teaches students how to put their money into the stock market - and uses cold, hard cash as the textbook.

Robert Graham leads the Green Team.  They look for green companies to invest in.  Last week, they made their first purchase.  They bought 40 shares of First Solar, an investment that made the class about $1,000.

The classroom initiative is unique, making it the first business school in the country to have a student-managed green fund.

Students say it's exciting, sometimes pumping thousands of dollars into the market.

The University of Hartford made quite the investment in the program.  They've set aside $250,000 from the school endowment fund for it.

The payoff comes not just for the students who learn tough lessons - both in grades and losses - but also when the stocks make money.  That money is pumped right back into the endowment fund.

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