103-Year-Old Kentucky Woman Survives Coronavirus Infection

Family members said they hope Virginia Harris' story will give hope to others sickened in the pandemic

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Those over age 60 might be more vulnerable to the coronavirus, but a 103-year-old Kentucky woman battled it and won.

Virginia Harris, who lives in Hopkins County, was diagnosed with the virus in March after an aggressive fever and nausea, her family told WFIE-TV. Because she didn't have respiratory issues, her family didn't think it was coronavirus, but she was tested anyway.

“We got the results back about five days later, and they were positive. We were very very distraught, upset,” grandson Adam Harris said.

Her symptoms included a high fever and low blood pressure.

“I was so sick, I thought I was going to die. But the good Lord took care of me, everybody was praying for me, and it just wasn’t my time,” Harris said.

Her daughter-in-law, Jayne Harris, said one of the worst things was not being able to be with her as she fought the virus.

“It’s just heart-wrenching to know she was going to be in there and do this on her own,” she said.

Family members said they hope Virginia Harris' story will give hope to others sickened in the pandemic.

Most people who contract COVID-19 have mild or moderate symptoms, which can include fever and cough but also milder cases of pneumonia, sometimes requiring hospitalization. The risk of death is greater for older adults and people with other health problems.

“If she could get through it at 103, you would feel most people can get through it if they took care of themselves and did what they’re supposed to do,” said her son, Doug Harris.

Gov. Andy Beshear said there have been more than 2,200 cases and 653 recoveries from coronavirus in Kentucky as of Tuesday.

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