Coronavirus Outbreak

A Breakdown of What the COVID Relief and Funding Bill Means For Connecticut

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President Donald Trump signed a COVID relief and government funding bill Sunday night after a week of threatening to veto the bill for its “low” direct cash payments of $600 to eligible Americans.

Of the $900 billion COVID bill, Connecticut is expected to get over $4 billion in direct relief.

A large chunk of the money, $1.6 billion, will go toward stimulus checks, or direct payments to Connecticut residents.

Over $695 million in funding will go toward unemployment assistance and roughly $745 million will be used to aid education.

More than $311 million will support COVID vaccination, testing, and contact tracing, according to the governor.

The governor said that over $41 million will go toward FEMA funeral benefit. This money will be used to provide assistance grants to families in need.

A total of $237 million will be used for rental assistance and $210 million will provide for urban transit.

The governor said over $124 million will be used for highways.

The funding will also provide child care with $66.9 million. $8.9 million will be allocated to an airport improvement program.

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