Airlines to Require Passengers to Wear Face Masks or Coverings

Starting on Monday, some airlines will require you to wear a face mask or covering, even onboard the plane.

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If you’re one of the few still flying right now, make sure to pack a mask.

On Monday, both Delta and Jet Blue will require passengers to wear a face covering during their travels in response to the spread of the coronavirus.

Those airlines say that includes at check-in, at the gate, while boarding and on the aircraft.

In the next week, similar restrictions will also go into effect for American, Frontier and Southwest.

This is just part of the effort by airlines to promote safety while flying.

For instance, Delta says it’s taking temperature checks of workers, increased cleaning of its facilities and aircraft, as well as spreading people out on planes by blocking middle seat assignments and reducing the number of people onboard.

On Sunday afternoon, most travelers at Bradley International Airport were already wearing masks and those we spoke with say the changes help ease worries about flying now.

“I have concerns about it, but I think if everyone is taking infection control precautions and the airports are taking precautions, the planes they’re being defogged before we get on, people are being smart about it and not traveling sick, I’m okay with it,” said Rebecca Dellapietra, who was headed to Florida.

Bradley is also taking precautions.

It has increased cleaning and sanitizing throughout the terminal, especially of high-touch surfaces.

Also hand sanitizer stations have been added.

The airport reminds people to try and keep six feet from other travelers and wear a mask when that is not possible.

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