As Vaccination Rate Rises, Spring and Summer Travel Could Increase

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There have been times throughout the pandemic where Bradley Airport has been extraordinarily quiet and people avoiding travel. Now, though, it appears some people are starting to get more comfortable with traveling and could be ready to escape the cold.

February was a month filled with wintry events. This, coming after nearly a year of quarantine has created a deep desire to get away.

“I need a vacation, and it’s not going to change so you might as well go now,” said Kristina Lawrence of Hartford. “I don’t feel too comfortable but I’m going to go anyway.”

Lawrence isn’t alone. While the CDC recommends against travel, it is allowed and travel agents say they’ve noticed a recent uptick.

“Now that more people are getting vaccinated, people are definitely feeling more comfortable traveling,” says Valeri French, owner of French’s Worldwide Travel in Newington.

Getting shots is arms is a very real factor.

“To me that’s paramount,” said Robert Umunakwe of Wethersfield. “I do want to get vaccinated first before I can feel comfortable enough traveling.”

Another reason French said some of her clients are beginning to feel more comfortable flying is the federal air travel mask mandate.

“People know that when they go on an airplane, everybody will be wearing a mask,” she said.

With the state just days away from entering its next phase of vaccinations, more people could be willing to book spring and summer travel. If you do though, experts have advice.

“Number one, you’ve got to stay flexible. Because the rules can change at any time,” said French.

Domestically, rules vary from state to state and they exist outside the U.S. as well.

“Most of the countries, the Caribbean primarily, they are requiring a negative COVID test to enter,” explained French.

The U.S. also requires a negative test to re-enter the country. That test has to be no more than three days old and if you travel by air, proof of the negative test must be given to the airline before you board your flight.

French also strongly encourages anyone booking spring and summer travel to be sure to include insurance.

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