coronavirus in connecticut

CT's COVID-19 Rate Increases to Nearly 9 Percent

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The state of Connecticut’s COVID-19 positivity rate Tuesday is 8.98 percent, the governor announced Tuesday.

This is the highest rate the state has had since starting significant testing, Gov. Ned Lamont said.

"That is the highest we have been since we've done significant testing, well over the last year," Lamont said.

Coronavirus-related hospitalizations fell by three since Monday to 834.

Connecticut's daily positivity rate Monday was 6.85 percent and the governor said 837 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 as of yesterday, which was 101 people more than on Friday.

The governor said 95 percent of the state is vaccinated against COVID-19, but people 45 and above are not really vaccinated until getting the third shot.

"While 9 percent is a staggering number, I want you to know that we do have the means to keep you safe," Lamont said. "More importantly, you have the means to keep yourself safe and that starts will getting that booster, that starts with wearing the mask if you go to a very congested public venue."

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