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Dozens of People in New Haven Schools in Quarantine Heading Into the Holidays

NBC Connecticut

Over 100 people in the New Haven school district are in quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19 or being exposed to the virus.

School officials said 43 people tested positive for Covid-19 this week and an additional 96 are quarantining.

This comes as many school districts head into holiday break.

Below is a breakdown of cases by school:

  • 2 cases at Worthington Hooker School, none quarantining
  • 1 case at Engineering and Science University Magnet School, none quarantining
  • 2 cases at John S. Martinez Sea and Sky STEM Magnet School, 1 quarantining
  • 3 cases at Family Academy of Multilingual Exploration, 14 quarantining
  • 1 case at Fair Haven School, 2 quarantining
  • 1 case at Barack Obama Magnet University School, 4 quarantining
  • 2 cases at Mauro Sheridan Science, Technology and Communications School, 1 quarantining
  • 5 cases at John C. Daniels School of International Communication, 6 quarantining
  • 3 cases at Celentano BioTech, Health and Medical Magnet School, 12 quarantining
  • 1 case at Conte West Hills Magnet School, 6 quarantining
  • 2 cases at East Rock Community Magnet School, 9 quarantining
  • 3 cases at Augusta Lewis Troup School, none quarantining
  • 7 cases at Hill Regional Career High School, 5 quarantining
  • 2 cases at Davis Academy for Arts and Design Innovation, 2 quarantining
  • 1 case at Barnard Environmental Science and Technology Magnet School, 1 quarantining
  • 1 case at LW Beecher Museum School of Arts and Sciences, 2 quarantining
  • 1 case at Clinton Avenue School, 8 quarantining
  • 5 cases at Brennan Rogers School of Communications and Media, 23 quarantining

The school district says they continue to follow Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance and state mandates to manage suspected Covid-19 cases.

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