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East Haven Mayor Tests Positive for COVID-19

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East Haven Mayor Joseph Carfora announced on Saturday that he tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement on Facebook, Carfora said he found out he tested positive for the virus late Thursday.

He said that he initially felt mild allergy-like symptoms, which prompted him to get tested. Since then, the symptoms progressed to flu-like symptoms, Carfora said.

The East Shore Health District is handling contact tracing as they do in all cases, he said.

"I feel a bit under the weather with now general flu-like symptoms. I will remain home where I will work remotely," Carfora said in a statement.

"My situation should be used as an example. As your mayor, I am required to be out, and to meet with people on a regular basis. While that is the case, we certainly have cut back on in-person meetings and direct contact as much as humanly possible," he continued.

Extensive safety measures are being taken in town hall and throughout town departments, according to Carfora.

"Even taking these precautions I cannot say that I have been perfect about wearing a mask, nor can I say that I have sanitized my hands each and every time I enter or leave a room. Like all of you, I work hard to do my very best, but that, in so many instances in simply not enough," the mayor said in a statement.

Carfora said he is unsure where, when, or how he contracted the virus.

As the busy holiday shopping season gets underway, local cities are encouraging residents to shop local and small to help businesses struggling amid the pandemic.

The mayor said the town hall recently implemented cohorting.

He is reminding people to stay vigilant and to wear masks, practice social distancing and follow all COVID safety guidelines.

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