Coronavirus in Connecticut Update: COVID-19 Hospitalizations Continue to Fall

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Coronavirus hospitalizations have declined for a seventh straight day.

Net hospitalizations fell by 41 on Monday, to 1,691 currently in the state.

There are 455 new cases of COVID-19 in Connecticut, bringing the total to 26,767.

The number of COVID-19 deaths climbed by 79, Lamont said.

The death toll stands at 2,168.

If the hospitalization trend continues, Gov. Lamont said he could look to reevaluate some of the social distancing guidelines and closures of some non-essential businesses soon.

Gov. Lamont also urged cities and towns to establish long-term recovery committees. The committees would be made up of municipal officials, community-based organizations, nonprofit providers, and others to help accelerate recovery and coordinate with the state's emergency management systems.

“Responding to a disaster is a shared responsibility that calls for the involvement of everyone – state government, local government, and a wide range of community partners,” Governor Lamont said. “By working together, we can continue to improve the way we support our residents and our communities as they meet urgent needs and bounce back from the COVID-19 crisis.

Lamont was joined by Ridgefield first selectman Rudy Marconi and State Rep. Jane Garibay, of Windsor, both of whom recently recovered from COVID-19.

Marconi, who was diagnosed on April 6, said he experienced severe symptoms, including aches, chills, nausea, headache, diahrrea, and extreme exhaustion.

"Any symptom you have ever had through your lifetime hits you all at once," Marconi said.

After being diagnosed, Marconis said he was frightened by the uncertainty of the virus.

"It was pretty alarming for me, scared at times, my wife was frightened, was in constant contact with doctors worried that I was disconnected. She was worried that she was losing me," Marconi said.

On Tuesday, the Connecticut Department of Public Health released some details of a plan to begin contact tracing involving people who test positive for the coronavirus. That plan, in conjunction with Microsoft, would begin in early May.

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