Staffing Shortages

Surgeries Canceled at Johnson Memorial Hospital Amid Staffing Shortages

All inpatient and outpatient surgeries at Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford have been canceled because of staffing shortages, according to a Trinity Health of New England spokesperson.

The spokesperson said staffing shortages continue to impact the surgical services department amid the pandemic. As a result, the hospital system has temporarily paused both inpatient and outpatient surgeries.

Johnson Memorial Hospital said they're going to resume surgical services as soon as possible.

The majority of patients scheduled for surgeries at this hospital will now be served at the Johnson Surgery Center in Enfield.

Patients that require inpatient surgeries will be transported to another Trinity Health of New England hospital, according to the spokesperson.

The hospital is a part of Trinity Health of New England, which is a regionally integrated network that includes Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford, and Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford.

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