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Yale Men's Hockey Team in Quarantine After 18 Cases of COVID-19

There is no in-person training for varsity athletic teams and intramural programs for the next week.

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Members of Yale University’s men’s hockey team who are in the New Haven area are in quarantine and the school is raising its COVID-19 alert status after 18 members of the team tested positive for coronavirus.

All varsity athletic teams and intramural programs have ceased in-person training activities for at least the coming week and some athletic facilities, including Payne Whitney Gymnasium, Ingalls Rink, and the Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center, are closed for cleaning until Monday, Oct. 19, according to Yale.

Dr. Stephanie Spangler, vice provost for health affairs and academic integrity, sent a special alert to members of the school community, saying all other members of the men’s ice hockey team who are in the New Haven area, as well as the athletics staff who have worked directly with them, have been instructed to quarantine and to participate in the university testing program, whether or not they have been identified as close contacts of infected team members, according to Yale. 

While the race is on to develop a vaccine for coronavirus, on Thursday, people logged on for the first virtual meeting of the governor’s COVID-19 vaccine advisory group.

Yale raised its COVID-19 alert status from green, which is lower risk, to yellow, which is low to moderate risk of viral transmission.

As of Tuesday evening, the school said six members of a varsity athletic team had tested positive for COVID-19 over the prior 24 hours. Then there were 12 additional positive cases among team members, bringing the total cases to 18. All of the cases involve members of the men’s ice hockey team and all have been instructed to isolate, Spangler wrote. 

While close contacts have likely been contacted, members of the Yale community who were within six feet, masked or unmasked, for more than 15 minutes with any member of the men’s ice hockey team over the past seven days, should quarantine and call Student Medicine at 203-432-0312, Employee Health at 203-432-7978) or the COVID Campus Resource Line at 203-432-6604 for further instructions.

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