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Hartford HealthCare's Neighborhood Health initiative is designed to bring more health prevention services and support directly to the people and communities we serve. It’s part of Hartford HealthCare’s larger commitment to helping all people live their healthiest lives by providing more outreach and healthcare opportunities throughout Connecticut.

Here’s how it works

Hartford HealthCare's mobile “CareVans” visit and operate daytime health clinics several times a month at specifically chosen locations. They offer a variety of health services including screenings, mental health counseling, medical referrals, education and support. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are also offered at select locations and dates.   

A partnership

Neighborhood Health was developed in collaboration with trusted community partners throughout the state. These groups and individuals helped determine the health needs and priorities for their residents and communities. These innovative health clinics will be adaptable, flexible, and open to feedback to ensure access to needed services and programs.

Where we are

Hartford HealthCare is currently offering clinics in Hartford, Torrington, Winsted and Thomaston, and plans to expand services to locations statewide over time.

Our Neighborhood Health clinics

  • Serve people ages 16 or older (12 and older for Pfizer vaccine)
  • Welcome walk-ins, or people with appointments
  • Provide onsite financial assistance; insurance is accepted but not required
  • Are safe: Face masks are required and provided if needed

For more information log onto HartfordHealthCare.org/NeighborhoodHealth 

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