2 Brothers Attempt to Catch Burglars in Windsor Locks

Two brothers catch burglars in the act in Windsor Locks and unfortunately, it ended up with one of the brothers suffering a painful punch to his face.

“I hear footsteps coming to my right and I just quickly turned and I get whacked in the face,” said Steven Barry.

Steven Barry is now stitched up and missing teeth after an early morning run in with burglars. His brother Johnathon was the first to hear something outside their home on Dexter Road.

“I looked out my window, right above us, and there’s two guys standing right where me and my brother are and they had flashlights and they were running down the driveway,” said Johnathon Barry.

The brothers said their cars now show signs of the thieves having tried to break in.

It’s been an issue in the neighborhood several times in the past year.

This time the brothers were fed up, raced outside, and attempted to confront the men dressed in hoodies and masks.

That’s when Steven was sucker punched.

“I was kind of in shock but I managed to grab him but at the same time I’m looking all over the place, footsteps I keep hearing,” said Steven Barry.

The brothers said the three thieves jumped in an SUV, leaving behind a second car they had driven there and also losing some clothes in the scuffle.

The pair has a funeral for their step-father on Friday.

Then it’s off to surgery to start fixing Steven’s missing and loose teeth.

The family has started an online fundraiser to pay for Steven’s surgery.

“Thank god it could have been worse. It could have been much worse,” said Georgia Barry, the mother of the brothers.

Also the family is offering a $5,000 reward to catch whoever was responsible.

Police said the car that was ditched had been reported stolen from Suffield.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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