2 Severely Injured After Apartment Fire in Southington

a bedroom is badly burned after a fire ripped through an apartment in Southington
Southington Fire Department

Two people have severe injuries after an apartment fire in Southington on Tuesday and firefighters are reminding residents about the importance of closing their bedroom door when going to sleep.

Firefighters said the apartment fire was on Queen Street.

According to fire officials, crews were clearing from a previous incident nearby and arrived to the scene within minutes to aggressively contain the fire.

Three people were able to escape the fire and two of those people have significant injuries, authorities said.

Fire experts are reminding residents about the importance of closing your bedroom door before you go to sleep.

A child's room with the door closed was nearly untouched from the fire that ripped through the rest of the apartment, experts said. The believe temperatures outside the room possibly reached 1,000 degrees while the temperature in the room stayed under 100 degrees.

There's no word on what started the fire.

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