Groton police

3 Motorcycles Stolen Overnight in Groton

Three motorcycles were stolen from homes in Groton overnight and police are trying to track down the suspects.

Police said the first report came in around 6:35 a.m. from a home on the Country Glenn Apartment complex located on Meridian St Extension. Shortly afterwards they received two more reports – a second from the same complex and a third from the Ledges Apartments on Ledgewood Road.

Investigators believe all three motorcycles were taken sometime during the late night to early morning hours. They were all locked and parked in “well-lit outdoor spaces,” according to police.

The vehicles are described as sports bikes – one Kawasaki and two Suzukis.

Anyone with information on these cases should contact Groton police at 860-441-6712.

Police remind residents to stay vigilant and report anything suspicious. Motorcycle owners are encouraged to take steps like using rugged locks and video cameras to deter thieves, and store motorcycles in garages if possible.

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