44 Years Later, a Hero's Burial

The family of  a World War II soldier from Norwalk has waited a long time to give him a fitting burial. The remains of Staff Sgt. Martin F. Troy, U.S. Army Air Forces, of Norwalk, are heading back to the United States and he will be laid to rest with military honors.  

Troy was participating in a mission to bomb an oil refinery in Blechammer, Germany on June 30, 1944, when his plane was shot down by German aircraft and crashed into a swampy area near Nemesvita, Hungary.

Seven crew members parachuted from the plane, were captured by enemy forces and released, the Department of Defense said in a news release. Three crewmen died in the crash and the remains for two of them were eventually recovered and identified.

Troy's remains were not recovered until recently. The process to identify him was lengthy and included use of forensic science, including DNA, according to the Department of Defense.

Troy will be buried on Nov. 20 in Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, D.C.

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