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Another Snowstorm Threatens April Break at Tolland Schools



    Snowstorm Threatens April Break at Tolland Schools

    The school year in Tolland has already been extended by 10 days due to all the snow this season, and any additional snow days will have to be made up during April vacation.

    (Published Monday, March 12, 2018)

    The Tolland area could be hit the hardest during Tuesday’s nor’easter, and with snow days piling up, school officials are having trouble reworking the schedule.

    Students were in class Monday, but depending on how the storm shapes up, they could be out of class Tuesday and possibly Wednesday.

    It’s a decision that’s tough for the superintendent and can be stressful for families.

    “I’m thinking what have we done to deserve this,” Superintendent Tolland Public Schools Walter Willett said.

    Tolland has already had to add 10 days at the end of the school year, pushing the last day from June 8 to June 22.

    Now there’s a possibility school could be canceled again. It’s a decision that can leave parents scrambling.

    Stephan Veladri, who has two young children, said it can be a struggle.

    “The snow days aren’t great. We’ve got to find a babysitter. You got to find something for the kids to do. Somebody always ends up going into work late as a result. And then the worst thing about is the kids could be in school until the end of June at this point,” said Stephan Veladri.

    If school is canceled Tuesday, the Tolland Board of Education already decided to start eliminating days from April break, beginning with that Friday and working the way back.

    Willett said deciding to delay or cancel school is never easy.

    “We take a look at everything starting now and what we think the storm is going to do & keep student safety in the forefront of our decision making,” Willett said.

    Willett plans to consult the Department of Public Works, the bus company, school facilities staff and superintendents in nearby towns early tomorrow before making the final decision.

    The superintendent is still holding out hope for a delay or early release either of the next two days, but it could be a cancellation.

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