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Color Slides Show Connecticut in 1940



    Library of Congress releases pictures from the past (Published Monday, Nov. 11, 2013)

    Color slides taken in 1940 reveal a very different Connecticut and remind us of where we're going and where we've been.

    Eleven color slides captured by Jack Delano, a photographer for the Farm Security Administration, are included in the Library of Congress and have recently resurfaced.

    One slide, taken at Stonington Point in Nov. 1940, shows a couple homes and a group of people huddled near a dock, which at first glance could maybe pass for the Stonington of today.

    But both homes have been remodeled, the dock is now private and Stonington has morphed into a much different town than the one Delano captured 70 years ago.

    "It was more like a fishing community and a family community," said Robert Guzzo, a longtime commercial fisherman in Stonington. "Now it's a rich man's playground. From New York they came and they took it over, quite a bit. Still a nice town, but it was a lot nicer before."

    Other slides show burning leaves in Norwich, a farm auction in Derby and a tobacco field in Suffield. You can see them here.