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Foodshare Reaches Turkey Goal, Needs Cash



    Foodshare Reaches Turkey Goal, Needs Cash

    This morning, Foodshare still needed 2,000 turkeys to provide Thanksgiving dinners for Connecticut families in need. 

    This afternoon, they reached their goal. People flocked to the Bloomfield facility and brought in enough birds to meet the goal of 20,000.

    “The generosity of the people of greater Hartford is truly remarkable,” Foodshare president Gloria McAdam said. “But it was close. Historically, Monday has been our busiest day, often meeting our goal that same evening. But this year the parking lot was quiet, until today. That’s never happened. And while we’re enormously grateful it did finally happen, we were nervous.”

    During the month of November, donations provide a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for people who are struggling.

    This is only part of the drive, however. 

    As of today, Foodshare has received $614,131 in donations, but still needs to raise $300,000 before the end of November to fund hunger work throughout the year.

    Learn more on the Foodshare’s Web site.

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